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VIDEO 2 Elements for Presentations
Creative Cities & Neighborhoods of Opportunity - Creativity World Forum (2017)

In this project animated loops were created that the researchers can build into their conference presentations.

Each animation was created according to the speakers’ need for a better understanding of their talk. This animation type is not a stand-alone piece. The created animations by different artists have various styles matching the need of the talks.


Anna Nowakowska, Mette Ilene Holmriis, Henrik MalmgrenTomas PræstholmJulie H. BaltzerWill Mackenzie and Kat Gusarova 


Saskia Coulson, Mel Woods, Michelle Scott, Drew Hemment, Joanna Bletcher;

Dr. Matthias Stippich; Sarah Louise Pepper; Prof. Jens Bley; Tom Butler


Mads Vadsholt

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